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Peace in the Present Moment:

How to Open the Door to the Now, and Walk Through

Three Thursdays, November 5, 12 & 19 | 7:00-8:15pm CT | $30


What is your relationship like with the present moment? Does it feel like an obstacle to overcome? A burden to bear? A problem to solve?
Over three weeks we will learn how to have a functional, healthy relationship with the only moment we’ll ever actually experience: the Now.  By removing the inner barriers that prevent us from experiencing the present moment as it actually manifests, what was once seen as a nightmare can become peaceful and fulfilling.  When we look at why our minds and hearts respond to the world the way that they do, they can no longer hold us back from walking through the door and coming home to the Now. 
This course will take place over 3 sessions, that each run 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Each class will include participant check-ins, a brief guided meditation, a lecture, and a period of discussion.


Facilitated by Katie Spero

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