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Bill Epperly, PhD


Bill is a mystic and spiritual guide who has devoted his life to supporting the evolution of consciousness in individuals and society. A former biochemist, he experienced a spiritual awakening in 1987 that set him on a path of spiritual exploration. Bill has studied Buddhism and Christian mysticism as well as nondual and integral spirituality. His passion for embodied spirituality can support you in healing and awakening to your true self.


Meditation and Prayer


Meditation and prayer are the single most powerful practices for spiritual transformation. Learn a new practice or deepen your experience of practices you know with one of these programs, or work with me to create a program just for your community. 

Available programs include:

  • Introduction to Centering Prayer, a Path to Divine Union

  • Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation: Waking Up to the Present Moment

  • Paths to Spiritual Experience: An Introduction to Prayer & Meditation

  • Social Meditation: Meditation in Mutuality

Mindfulness: A Tool for Wellness


Mindfulness is a powerful tool for self-care. A regular practice has been shown to decrease blood pressure and pulse and to increase emotional and mental resilience. Discover tools anyone can learn for working with anxiety, worry, and difficult emotions.
Available programs include:

  • Mindfulness as a Tool for Wellness: An Introduction 

  • Mindful Relationships: Bringing Mindfulness into Relationships

  • Opening the Senses: Mindfulness as a Path to Sensory Awareness


Integral Nondual Spirituality


Nondual spirituality begins with the insight that we are already that which we are seeking. Though we are not “God,” we are already one with Spirit. From this perspective, we deepen spiritually more by relaxing into our always already the case union with Spirit rather than by effortful practice. In doing so we discover the God within and our oneness with all life.
Available programs include:


  • The Temple of the Beloved: A Place for Healing and Awakening (Zoom or in person) 

  • Embodied Spirituality, a Grounded Path to Awakening (in person)

  • Shadow Work: Integrating the Shadow (Zoom or in person)

  • An Introduction to Integral Spirituality: Discovering the Territory of You (in person)







Maitreya Buddhist Seminary
Certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Institute for Spiritual Leadership, Chicago
Interning Teacher at Trillium Awakening

Service Roles

Board Member, Sacred Ground Chicago
Adjunct Faculty, DePaul University (teaching courses in mindfulness & integral spirituality)
Board Member, Chicago Area Spiritual Directors, 2010-2022


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