Who We Are

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Sacred Ground Chicago is an urban spirituality center, located in the heart of Chicago, that provides a place of respite and nurture for adults living a fast-paced city life. 

Established in 2017, Sacred Ground Chicago offers a broad array of services and programs, led by a coalition of spiritual leaders of diverse religious and philosophical views. Our vision is to support adults seeking spiritual growth, wholeness and balance, a deeper relationship with the divine, and a life of greater authenticity.

Whether you are spiritual but not religious, on the fence about the big metaphysical questions, or a long-time member of a religious congregation, our staff is dedicated to supporting you on your spiritual journey.


Sacred Ground Chicago is an Illinois Not-for-Profit Corporation. Donations are tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(c)(3).


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What we offer

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"What we all want is pretty simple, really.

We want to be alive. To feel alive. Not

just to exist but to thrive, to live out loud,

walk tall, breathe free. We want to be less

lonely, less exhausted, less conflicted and

afraid . . . more awake, more grateful,

more energized and purposeful. We capture

this kind of mindful, overbrimming life in terms

like well-being, shalom, blessedness,

wholeness, harmony, life to the full, and aliveness."

Brian D. McLaren, We Make the Road by Walking

Sacred Ground Chicago offers personalized, practical services and programs to support you in living a more awake, grateful, energized, and purposeful life!


Spiritual Direction

One of our most popular and transformative services is traditionally called “spiritual direction.” This ancient practice is a type of coaching that uses a soul-centered perspective. You can find out more about spiritual direction here. 



At Sacred Ground Chicago, we believe that the spiritual journey is best made with fellow travelers. So we offer a range of interactive programs including classes, workshops, spiritual growth groups, and short day-retreats that provide practical opportunities to support one another in spiritual growth and well-being. You can learn more about upcoming programs here.