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Program Leaders


Bill Epperly, PhD

Bill is a mystic and spiritual guide who has devoted his life to supporting the evolution of consciousness in individuals and society. A former biochemist, he experienced a spiritual awakening in 1987 that set him on a path of spiritual exploration. Bill has studied Buddhism and Christian mysticism as well as nondual and integral spirituality. His passion for embodied spirituality can support you in healing and awakening to your true self.


Patt Moser MFA JD

Patt is a spiritual director, retreat leader, and deacon in the Episcopal Church. Her work focuses on helping people to become more deeply aware of God's presence and action in their lives, and to freely accept God's invitations. Patt particularly enjoys working with parishes and other church groups to supplement their spiritual formation programming.


Bridget Purdome MDiv

Bridget is a Retreat Leader and Spiritual Director who is sensitive to the movement of the Spirit in the ordinary experiences of daily life. Bridget is passionate about creating space for participants to give voice to their own experiences and to explore their spirituality which includes all aspects of their lives. Bridget has worked with people from diverse backgrounds including women, men, and non-binary individuals, those who identify as LGBTQ, BIPOC, those from various spiritual traditions, and those who are spiritual but not religious.

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