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Patt Moser MFA JD


Patt is a spiritual director, retreat leader, and deacon in the Episcopal Church.  Her work focuses on helping people to become more deeply aware of God's presence and action in their lives, and to freely accept God's invitations.  Patt particularly enjoys working with parishes and other church groups to supplement their spiritual formation programming.




Patt offers half-day and full-day retreats organized around custom themes chosen by the host organization and tailored to the needs of the retreat participants.   Patt's retreats utilize a variety of approaches including guided meditation, body movement, visual reflection, creativity, sound, silence, and group spiritual reflection. 

Samples of past retreats and their contexts include:

  • Whole-Heartedness.  Using a conversation between poet David Whyte and Benedictine monk David Steindl-Rast and the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke, we reflect on how can we be present in the world in a way that springs from our own authentic nature, is true to our hearts, and fully offers the world our unique giftedness.  (Clergy Retreat) 

  • Freedom for Love.  It is one thing to hear God's voice in our lives, and quite another thing to freely say yes to God's invitations. Using the scriptural examples of Mary and Zechariah, we reflect on our own openness to God and freedom to respond and act.  (Advent Quiet Day)

  • The Way of the Cross.  During Lent, we are challenged to take up our cross and follow Jesus.  But what does that really mean?  Author Parker Palmer tells us that we need not accept all of the crosses in our lives.  If so, how do we discern which cross we must carry? (Lenten Retreat)

Spirituality Groups


Patt's groups focus on either spiritual direction or spiritual practice.  Like her retreats, Patt's spirituality groups can be customized for specific spiritual themes or contexts.

Available groups include:

  • Group Spiritual Direction.  Using a meditative process developed by Rose Mary Dougherty at Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation, a small group commits to gathering over a period of nine months for sharing, deep listening, silence, and response, to become more aware of how God is present and active in their lives.  The group generally includes a half-day retreat, followed by nine 90-minute gatherings.

  • Come to the Well.  This group explores contemplative spiritual practices including praying with scripture through lectio divina and Ignation Contemplation, body prayer, labyrinth walking, visual reflection through visio divina and praying with icons, chant, and guided meditation.  The group generally includes a half-day retreat, followed by six weekly, 90-minute gatherings.








Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation - Certificate: Leading Contemplative Prayer Groups & Retreats 
Claret Center, Chicago - Certificate: Spiritual Direction 
Enneagram Spectrum Method  - Certificate: Advanced Enneagram Teacher  

Service Roles

Sacred Ground Chicago  - Founder and President, 2017 to present
Soul Space Interfaith - Board of Directors 2012 - 2014 
Chicago Area Spiritual Directors - Leadership Team Member 2018-2019
Episcopal Diocese of Chicago - Deacons' Leadership Team (Early Discernment Support) 2018-2019

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