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Spiritual Directors

Bill Epperly PhD

I support people as they navigate the challenges of living a spiritual life in the postmodern world. This includes supporting individuals who are experiencing personal and spiritual crises. I create a safe space for whatever you need to share. In this space, you will experience insights, spiritual deepening and healing.

I have an intuitive, relational approach in which I help you find the deeper truths hidden in your life. When appropriate, I use techniques like voice dialogue, Focusing and guided meditations during sessions.

My training includes a certificate in Spiritual Companioning from the Institute for Spiritual Leadership and one year of training in the Maitreya Buddhist Seminary. I am an interning teacher in the Trillium Awakening community.

Areas of Interest:  Spiritual Healing, Awakening, Embodiment, Non-Dual Spirituality, and Integral Spirituality

Location: Evanston and Online, by Zoom

Location: Evanston and Online, by Zoom


Patt Moser MFA JD

I support, assist, and coach seekers to access their own inner wisdom and grow more fully into the unique persons they are called to be. My role, in author Margaret Guenther's words, is to serve as a "midwife to the soul."

My approach uses deep listening and reflection, and draws upon many Christian spiritual traditions, including Contemplative and Ignatian. I am personally drawn to mystical spirituality and am a longtime practitioner of the meditation practice Centering Prayer.

I trained in spiritual direction at Claret Center and in spiritual retreat and group leadership at Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. I am retired clergy in the Episcopal Church and the founder of Sacred Ground Chicago.

Areas of Interest: Contemplative Spirituality, The Enneagram, Group Spiritual Direction, Spiritual But Not Religious

Location: Evanston and Online

Location: Evanston and Online


Bridget Purdome MDiv

Spiritual Direction is like diving for pearls into often deep and sometimes murky waters. I will invite you to pay attention to what is stirring within you, reflect on how the divine (however you name it) is working in your life, and discern how you would like to respond. There will be times of sharing and times of silence.

I completed Masters’ degrees in Divinity and Spirituality/Spiritual Direction from Loyola University’s Institute of Pastoral Studies which included training in both Contemporary Spiritual Direction and the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.

I have companioned people from diverse backgrounds including women, men, and non-binary individuals, those who identify as LGBTQ, BIPOC, those from various spiritual traditions, and those who are spiritual but not religious. All are warmly welcomed!

Office Location: Chicago - West Lakeview and Online

Office Location: Chicago - West Lakeview and Online

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