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Board of Directors


Patt Moser, MFA JD 

Board Chair

Patt is a spiritual director, teacher, and retreat leader grounded in contemplative spirituality. She trained at Shalem Institute and The Claret Center, and is retired clergy in the Episcopal Church.  Patt is the founder of Sacred Ground Chicago.


Bill Epperly, PhD 
Board Vice-Chair

Bill is a life-long learner who has studied biochemistry, Korean Zen Buddhism, contemplative Christianity, and non-dual spirituality. In his professional life, he worked as a research biochemist, professor, university administrator, and executive director of a small not-for-profit organization. Bill serves on the board of Chicago Area Spiritual Directors and teaches at DePaul University and Trillium Awakening.


Bridget Purdome, M Div, M Ed, MAPS, MA 

Bridget is a Spiritual Director, Retreat Leader, Life Coach, and Spiritual Explorer.  For over ten years, Bridget has ministered to those who have experienced homelessness, are HIV positive, are in recovery from substance addictions, and/or are challenged with other physical and mental illnesses.  Bridget is past chair of the board of Urban CPE Consortium.


Vikram Bhave


Vikram is a banking and regulatory compliance professional with experience in finance, risk management and data management. He holds a bachelor's degree in engineering from Pune University in India. He is a recent practitioner of meditation and believes in a higher force that governs our daily life. He also believes that spirituality can be achieved by maintaining a positive state of mind and seeking a deeper meaning for life.  Vikram’s passions include travel and exploring different cuisines. He is a strong proponent of financial discipline and helps mentor people on financial literacy.

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