Program Leaders

Kathy Bresler, MBA

Kathy Bresler MBA, is a trained facilitator of SoulCollage®, and studied directly under Seena Frost, its founder.  In 2008, Kathy started Tend Your Soul, a community that connects people through sacred and transformative conversations, and helps people to live their most authentic, creative, and soulful lives.  Later, in 2012, Kathy co-founded LiFT (Living in Flow Together).  The LiFT network offers bi-weekly facilitated groups and seasonal retreats for women coming together for the “soul” purpose of creating more possibility in their lives, work, and world.  Kathy is also an ordained interfaith minister. Kathy’s website is

Bill Epperly, PhD

Bill Epperly, PhD, is a research biochemist who left the lab in pursuit of spiritual awakening. He has studied contemplative Christianity, Zen Buddhism, and many forms of contemporary spirituality. He teaches mindfulness at DePaul University and serves individuals and groups across the Chicago area as a spiritual coach and workshop leader. He serves as a Spiritual Director at Sacred Ground Chicago and is on the Board of Chicago Area Spiritual Directors. His websites are and

Janice Lewis

Janice Lewis is a Certified Advanced Labyrinth Guide, Labyrinth Society Board Member, and Certified Meditation Guide.  And Janice owns 5 labyrinths that travel! You are invited to look for the Pop-up for Peace Labyrinth that is often at Buckingham Fountain on Saturday mornings!  Janice’s website is

Melissa Perin, PsyD

Melissa's philosophy includes the knowledge that there is power in the stories we tell about ourselves; how we define who we are. Altering that story can be a powerful tool in living a full life.  An ardent teacher, Melissa illustrates through stories and narration while giving seminars, at retreats for clinicians and to the general public. Melissa's favorite stories to tell include sleeping with jellyfish, space aliens in the furnace room and that one time she provided elephant day care for better or worse. 

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