Spiritual directors

Marci Dickman

As a Jewish educator, I have often sensed the divine in conversation with another. I trained to be a Spiritual Director in the Bekhol Levavkha (with all your heart) program at the Hebrew Union College in New York, and it is with my heart that I listen and companion others. With an open heart, I hold sacred safe space for others to seek holiness in everyday life. My connection to the Holy One leads me to be more compassionate and to assume my responsibility to make this world a better place. In addition to Spiritual Direction, my own spiritual practices include mindful meditation, study, reflection, prayer, community and celebration.


Special Interests: Discernment, Interfaith connections, Mussar

Office Location: Evanston 

Jason Elliot

Seeking to orient our lives and hearts to the greater glory of God, I collaborate in spiritual direction with Christians who seek to discern how God is active in their lives and in their communities.  I focus on Ignatian techniques, including the examen, imaginative contemplation, and continual discernment. 


But, you don’t need to be an Ignatian or know any Ignatian practices!  Any person who feels drawn to knowing God more deeply through Christ can find in spiritual direction encouraging support along their journey toward union with God, unity within themselves, and union with their neighbor and all created reality. 

I very much enjoy working with Christians of every tradition. 


Special Interests:  LGBTQ Christians; Clergy/Leaders of Faith Communities

Office Locations:  Chicago-Irving Park & Edgewater

Bill Epperly, PhD

The practice of seeking spiritual guidance is found in all the world’s wisdom traditions. My work as a spiritual director is informed by my experience as a life-long seeker who has studied and practiced contemplative Christianity, Buddhism, and contemporary forms of spirituality. Individuals who come to me are often living outside the boundaries of a traditional religion – often, blending traditions or identifying as spiritual but not religious. It’s my practice to hold a safe and sacred space during sessions for whatever the seeker would like to share. In this space, seekers can experience spiritual deepening, insight, clarity, and healing. My formal training in spiritual direction was through the Institute for Spiritual Leadership (Chicago, 2005). I also teach integral spirituality, offer mindfulness-based business coaching, and lead workshops in Chicago and online.

Special Interests: Spiritual healing; Awakening; Embodied spirituality

Office location: Chicago 

Patt Moser, MFA JD

Author Margaret Guenther’s description of the spiritual director as a  "midwife to the soul" is one that resonates for me.  I see my role as supporting, assisting, and coaching seekers to access their own inner wisdom and grow more fully into the unique persons they are called to be.  As a longtime practitioner of Centering Prayer, I am personally drawn to contemplative spirituality.  My approach to spiritual direction uses a contemplative stance of deep listening and reflection, yet draws upon many spiritual traditions.  I was trained in the art of spiritual direction at Claret Center, and in spiritual retreat and group leadership at Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation.  I am a deacon in the Episcopal Church and the founder of Sacred Ground Chicago.


Special Interests:  Discernment; Group Spiritual Direction; The Enneagram

Office Location: Chicago – Lincoln Park

Judy Jackson

Spiritual direction offers a safe and sacred space, space for quiet from the world that interrupts and contradicts, for active listening to the person with me and to the Spirit joining us, and for confidentiality.


I came to know that my one-to-one experiences in teaching and chaplaincy were more than being there for another, that those one-to-one experiences were sacred and holy and a “thing”, a thing that I came to know as spiritual direction through the formal training and certification through Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation.


My sweet spot is and has been with those lost in the darkness of their soul, with those struggling in the despair of their humanity, and with those in search of the way God wired them to be.


Special interests – Discernment; Transition; Self-Awareness

Office location – Lombard

Rebecca Serpe

God often speaks to us in unexpected ways.  When I began the Christos Center’s, Tending the Holy certification program in 2016 I would never have thought that this Christian based program would catapult me into the cosmos of a broader world of inter-spirituality.  In listening to my own heart and my own calling, I found myself needed to take steps onto very unfamiliar terrain.  It has been a journey of transformation that has brought me into a new way of listening for that mysterious still small voice of God.  My focus is on working with those who are walking a similar path and journeying with great curiosity into the embrace of a broader spirituality.  I offer one-on-one spiritual direction sessions, small group spiritual direction, and silent retreat weekends.


Special Interests: Interspirituality

Office Location: Oak Park

Juan Reed, MSW MDiv DMin

I am a spiritual director, retreat leader, Episcopal priest, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and teacher, involved in spiritual formation as both a student and teacher for many years.  For 12 years I was a member of a Benedictine monastic community and for over 25 years a pastor in urban congregations.


My training includes a Master in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago, a Master of Divinity from Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry, with a concentration in Spirituality, from Catholic Theological Union at Chicago.


I offer a welcoming, safe, and confidential environment in which to explore your relationship with God.  My approach to spiritual direction is interactive and collaborative.  I am sensitive to and respectful of the impact of culture, ethnicity, race, gender and sexual orientation upon a sense of well-being.

Office Location:  Chicago – Hyde Park