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Introduction to Social Mindfulness

Tuesday, October 20 | 7:30-8:30pm CT | Free


While the pandemic rages on, we are also in the midst of a mindfulness meditation revolution. This ancient spiritual practice has found modern applications as a tool for stress management, psychological wellness, and awakening. Neuroscience is discovering that mindfulness meditation causes fundamental changes to our brain and nervous system that restore our natural balance and allow healing of stress-induced states.


In this experiential program, you will explore an emerging form of mindfulness meditation that is particularly suited to our social, relational nature. Called Social Mindfulness Meditation, this approach to meditation leads to inner peace as well as a felt-sense of connection to others that can be deeply renewing after weeks of social distancing. In this introduction, you’ll learn more about how social meditation works as well as the neuroscience behind the practice. Please wear comfortable clothing suitable for light stretching. No prior experience with meditation is necessary.


Facilitated by Bill Epperly

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