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Social Mindfulness Meditation

Four Tuesdays, October 27 and November 10, 17 & 24
7:00-8:30pm CT | $80

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Mindfulness is a path to peace of mind, healing and deepening spiritual awareness. Ultimately, the practice of mindfulness meditation leads to present moment awareness and awakening to our interconnectedness to all life. While traditional meditation practices begin with isolating ourselves from our family and friends, in Social Mindfulness Meditation we meditate in a novel, relational style that is more natural for our social nature. This is done by practicing audibly rather than silently. The result is the same cultivation of deep meditative awareness as in traditional mindfulness plus a sense of connection to the group that is heart-warming and enriching. Meditating in this way gives us a deep sense of connection to self and other, something particularly important for those who have been socially isolating. I hope you will join me for this mindful exploration of deep connection to self and others!


Participants will come away with an established practice of social mindfulness meditation as well as tools for taking mindful awareness into all aspects of your life. Each evening of this experiential program will include meditation time as well as time for discussion and Q & A. Prior meditation experience is helpful but not necessary. Wear comfortable clothing suitable for light stretching.


Contact Bill Epperly ( or attend the free Introduction to Social Mindfulness offering on Tuesday, October 20).


Facilitated by Bill Epperly

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